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Would you risk leaving out the world’s most used product in your marketing plan?

As per PTA Sept 2018, 152 million people have mobile phone connections in Pakistan. Leaving out such a huge audience in your marketing plan would most certainly be an inevitable mistake.

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    Everyone has a phone, lets market on it!
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    If your marketing plan doesn't include mobile phones, it's still incomplete
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What is Branded SMS

Branded sms is when an individual receives message in the company’s name, instead of a random number or code. The sender states, that the message was sent from a specific company communicating to that individual. The best part is, the message can actually be sent by the company themselves, through an online portal simply.


We at ‘TBM’ make sure that the brand name is not misused. We are a PTA compliant company & before registering a brand, a brief process is followed in order to secure your brand in a legal binding, thus if in future your brand is misused, legal action can be taken accordingly.

Why sms Marketing

With more than 150 million subscribers in Pakistan, missing out such a large audience would most certainly be a mistake. It is a great way to directly reach out to your potential or existing customers to offer a new or existing product or services.


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